2022 Residential Architecture Trends

Black and White Home Designed by Cardello Architects

2022 Residential Architecture Trends

Residential home design is ever-changing. Each year, new trends appear, and others fade. One thing that continues, however, is that more and more homeowners are looking to be unique when it comes to building and decorating their dream homes. After all, your house should feel like home and look exactly how you envision it.  

If you’re looking for some modern inspiration, the Cardello Architects team is here to highlight some of the best 2022 home design trends for you to consider: 

Black Accents

Using black as an accent color for both the interior and exterior is gradually growing in popularity. Matching it with a bright white or other light colors allows for a great contrast that draws in the eye while maintaining a certain level of sleekness and modernity. Expect to see black window frames, entryway doors, appliances, and more in newly built homes.  

Bringing Nature Indoors

Known as biophilic design, this design concept describes the idea of bringing nature into your home. This includes utilizing more organic materials, wooden textures, maximizing sunlight, decorating with fresh plants, and adding pops of the color green. Homeowners love this trend of embracing all the calming and natural qualities the outdoors offers and transporting them inside to create a peaceful, earthy space.

More Dynamic Kitchens

Crisp, all-white kitchens have been at the top of the trend list in recent years. But now, homeowners are looking to change it up by adding a little more “spice.” We can expect to see more warm and neutral tones and a variety of materials and textures for the kitchen countertops, cabinets, and backsplashes for a unique, modern design.  

Curvier Architectural Elements

The idea of straight lines everywhere is no more; curves are in! Designers have been seeing more arched openings, barrel-vaulted ceilings, round furniture, and other curved elements in all areas of the home. 

Outdoor Luxury

Investing in your outdoor space has many benefits: a higher home value, more living area, and a closer connection with nature. Many homeowners are adding outdoor living rooms to their backyards and making them as luxurious and comfortable as possible with furniture, TVs, kitchens, fireplaces, and more. And what’s more, off their patios, lavish pools and water features also continue to grow in popularity.

Metal Roofs

Asphalt shingles are no longer the go-to choice when it comes to roofing. More and more homeowners are opting for a roofing material that lasts longer, is more durable, and is eco-friendly: metal! Another benefit of metal roofing is that it’s stylish and can be made to match your home perfectly, especially if you’re going for a modern, sleek look. 

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