2023 Residential Architecture Trends

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2023 Residential Architecture Trends

If you’re looking to renovate your home or are beginning the process of having a custom home built, consider taking inspiration from the latest residential architecture trends. 

From the residential architecture team at Cardello Architects, here are some of the most exciting trends for 2023 in home design and architecture: 

Eco-Friendly Design 

As climate change continues to affect our planet and its resources, more people are turning towards eco-friendly architecture to reduce their carbon footprint. Some of the most popular eco-friendly initiatives include using recycled materials whenever possible, installing low-flow fixtures and energy-efficient appliances, utilizing solar panels for energy production, utilizing geothermal energy, and incorporating green spaces into their home design. 

Health and Wellness Considerations  

In addition to reducing their environmental impact, many homeowners are also emphasizing health and wellness considerations when it comes to residential architecture. This includes features such as air filtration systems, natural light sources like skylights or large windows, non-toxic building materials, and plenty of green space for outdoor activities. Additionally, biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements like plants and water features into indoor spaces, is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking to make their homes healthier places to live.

Open, Spacious Floor Plans

Open floor plans with minimal separations between rooms continue to be one of the top trends in residential architecture for 2023. Open layouts give homeowners more flexibility to use their space and make their home feel larger. Additionally, these designs can help reduce energy costs through improved air circulation, natural lighting, and better insulation from exterior walls. Furthermore, open floor plans often feature stylish furnishings that blend perfectly with the overall aesthetic of a home. 

Home Office Updates

For many homeowners, a home office isn’t a luxury but a necessity! This year, architects will be tasked to prioritize a comfortable office space (or more) to work in their floor plans. Some are looking for an office that is smaller and cozier while others want a larger, more formal room dedicated to their job — this is certainly a trend that is expected to continue beyond this year.

Warmer, Cozier Interiors

When it comes to interior design for homes in 2023, there is the beginning of a shift toward more warm tones, various textures and fabrics, and cozy spaces — a change from the previous cleaner, minimalist trends. More and more homeowners are looking to turn their interior spaces into comfortable rooms for nesting alone or for engaging conversations and relaxing with loved ones. As well, there is an increased interest in more personalization, meaning more mementos, photos, and hand-made pieces filling the rooms. 

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