3 Features of Contemporary Homes

3 Features of Contemporary Homes

Ask most homeowners to define “Contemporary architecture” and they’re likely to say something recently designed with lots of space and glass. They won’t be wrong–it’s just that contemporary homes are both more expansive and more nuanced than that.

While probably first applied in the post-modern period to ‘60s Split Levels, Raised Ranches and variations on those themes, in the hands of good architects contemporary houses often incorporate open floor plans and lots of light into any number of reimagined traditional styles: Georgian, Colonial, Federalist, Shingle Style. The marriage of these seemingly disparate elements serve both the everyday needs of today’s families and the aesthetic sensibilities of sophisticated couples.

Features of Contemporary Homes

Architects draw on classical styles while responding to current tastes and trends. Each generation exerts itself on the past. As a result, 21st-century contemporary homes are likely to feature those elements that are most important to this generation of homeowners:

  • Natural light through the ample use of banks of French doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and cupolas that also bring the outdoors inside.
  • Open floor plans for entertaining as well as everyday family life. As such, contemporary homes are likely to feature kitchens, family rooms and living rooms flowing freely into one another.
  • Eco-friendly materials and utilities, reflecting homeowners’ sensitivity to the environment and healthy lifestyles.

contemporary homes feature the outside

Examples of Contemporary Homes and Architecture

Contemporary architecture is at home in almost any location. But it works best when taking advantage of open landscapes and natural vistas—beaches, meadows and extensive lawns and gardens. Here are some prime examples.

A staple of contemporary design meshes multiple styles.

In this Rowayton home, the traditional exterior is in stark contrast to its modern interior which incorporates a 12’ sliding glass wall to the raised rear terrace. As a result, the design enables you to focus your attention outside to the incredible outdoor living space, which includes a glass-walled pool, expansive lawn and water views. The home overlooks the Five Mile River and feels like a vacation every day.

Contemporary homes include sufficient space for entertaining.

In this Greenwich home, the homeowners desired a friendly feel and strong connection to the property. As the home sits in a park-like setting, we provided a covered porch on the front facade. Additionally, a spacious kitchen with large window banks allows plenty of sunshine into the home. As a result, the open floor plan feels even more spacious and provides ample room for entertaining.

Contemporary homes integrate with their natural surroundings.

Although beachfront property offers simple astonishing views, the location to the water occasionally interferes with Mother Nature. For example, this beach house required a small lift for protection against the elements. As the charming and historic home sits on a prime stretch of beach, leveraging design elements that build off the past was essential to the project. Naturally, the homeowner wanted to emphasize the views of the water and provide multiple areas for outdoor living. As a result, the home is filled with natural sunlight throughout the day. Plus, we added space on the third level. As a result, this offers an amazing outdoor deck where you can spend the day watching the boats sail by.

At Cardello Architects, we love the opportunity to provide people with their dream homes. We pull from all architectural styles in order to achieve that goal. And we are confident you will enjoy working with our team.

Robert A. Cardello Architects designs singular, high-end residences that pay tribute to the great homes of the past while paying close attention to clients’ individual styles and dreams. To learn more about our services or to arrange an appointment, please contact us today.

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