8 Ways to Improve Your Home Architectural Plans

how to improve your architectural plans

8 Ways to Improve Your Home Architectural Plans

Are you thinking about a custom home design or renovation? If so, there are plenty of things to ensure that you select the right architect that fits your needs. And one of those is understanding architectural plans.

It may seem common sense, but there are some nuances to understand about your architectural plans that will help ensure effective communication with your architectural team.

Avoid Common Mistakes in Your Architectural Plans

You are hiring an architect because you are not a professional. You should not expect to know all of the ins and outs of home design, so work with your architect to avoid mistakes in your architectural plans. In the end, this will help reduce frustration and improve communication during the design process.

1. Don’t Think You are Crazy for Not Understanding

Reading plans is second nature to architects and other design professionals, but do not assume you should understand every symbol on the plans. From door swings to windows and stairs, if you have any questions, then ask!

2. Not Every Plan Fits Your Lifestyle

A common mistake with architectural plans is forgetting to visualize how your family interacts throughout the home. It is important to assess your lifestyle before choosing final floor plans and determine what you have become accustomed to in a comfortable home.

3. Review the Dimensions of Every Room

During the planning process, take the time to measure (and re-measure) your existing furniture (or the new furniture you want) to ensure the rooms are large enough to meet your lifestyle. When in doubt, add some additional space.

4. Imagine Entertaining

Entertaining is one of the things homeowners enjoy most about their residence. Keep this in mind during the review of your architectural plans. Consider your home fully occupied when planning kitchen, dining room and living room areas, which will ensure you plan room for mingling, eating, dancing, serving and of course walking through your home!

5. Discuss the Plans with Your Family

If you live with others, then ensure they are involved in the process. Being the “sole decision maker” can sometimes backfire, so include your family on the important decisions involved in the design process. For example, you may think the playroom has enough space, but your child may want some more room to run!

Tips to Improve Your Architectural Plans

Of course, if you communicate clearly with your design team, then you should be able to avoid early mistakes. As an added benefit, you’ll receive the architectural plans that you envision. However, not everyone is great at communication, so here are some ways to improve those initial plans.

6. Define the Spaces

In many homes, there is a combination of clear rooms and open space. During the design process, define the space and the intended use. Changes in floor level, floor finish, ceiling condition, furniture arrangement and many other methods can contribute to the fine-tuning and definition.

7. Create Layered View

The layered view is a great way to open up the inside of any home because layers give an illusion of much greater space and depth than would otherwise be felt.

8. Leverage Natural Light

Daylight is the most wonderful magnifier of interior spaces. If you can leverage natural light in your home it will have a great effect in maximizing the sense of space.

If you want to improve the design of your home, then the Cardello Architects team can help you design the home of your dreams.

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