Colonial Style Home Renovation Ideas

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Colonial Style Home Renovation Ideas

Colonial style homes are found in neighborhoods throughout New England and the country. This unique home design style offers homeowners with a sound structure that provides outlets to express individuality.

Although the basic foundation of a Colonial style home remains consistent, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate your sense of style into home renovations. The architectural style includes standard floor plans featuring the living area on the main floor and bedrooms on the second floor. However, the design creates an outline that offers homeowners an opportunity to express their creativity as the rooms flow together and showcase the surrounding area.

Colonial Style Homes

Colonial style homes originate as early as 1876 and are one of the most popular styles in the US. The multiple stories, fireplaces and brick or wood facades are staples of this modern house style. Typically, the kitchen and family room are on the main floor with bedrooms upstairs. One of the benefits of the Colonial home is the relative easy to expand the side or back of the home, which helps make additions fit into the existing home structure.

Colonial Style Homes Focus on the Kitchen

In this example, our team worked with the owners of this 60 year Colonial style home to update the kitchen and expand the master bathroom suite. The family loved to cook, so an updated kitchen that remained a central part of the house was important during this renovation.

Colonial Style Homes Integrate Existing Home Design

The Colonial style house, which includes the Georgian home, focuses on incorporating existing details of the structure into the new design. For example, in this Westport, CT colonial renovation the owners wanted the home to fit into the beautiful surrounding property. The owners identified parts of the house that required renovations and wanted to new design to replicate the existing style.

Colonial Style Homes Reflect Individuality

The unique natures of modern home design incorporates individuality. Colonial style homes enable the same flexibility. For example, in this renovation, the homeowner desired “an arts and crafts, Asian inspired renovation” to their home. The result reflects their wish with large overhangs, interesting detailed trim and mahogany columns on the front porch. The finished product incorporates the homeowner’s while retaining that unique New England feel to perfect these Colonial home plans.

Colonial Style Homes Offer Space

One of the benefits to Colonial style homes are the ease to create more space. As the style has been around since last century, it is helpful that the foundation allows homeowners to expand. For example, this home required more space as the family continued to grow. The home renovation opened the living area to combine the kitchen and family room, while retaining the openness that connects everyone to outdoors.

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