Create Modern Home Design in 5 Simple Steps

how to create modern home design

Create Modern Home Design in 5 Simple Steps

Our homes are more than structures that provide shelter. Our homes provide an opportunity to show our character. Modern home design offers a flexible approach to create a functioning home with some personal pizzazz!


Modern home design began in the 1940s and 50s as architects and designers changed the way homes felt. The introduction of clean lines, warm woods and bold hues transformed homes from pure function to a sense of style. Yes, with inspiration of modern design, our homes achieved more with less and allowed us to create function out of our personal style.

Steps to Create Modern Home Design

From simplicity to personalization, modern home design offers homeowners the ability to create a home that is both functional and stylish.

1. Keep it Simple

First, keep in mind that simple does not mean boring. Simple references clean lines, neutral colors and geometric shapes. One great way to keep rooms simple (and not boring) is avoid clutter. Integrate plenty of unseen storage to retain functionality, yet manage a simple feel.

Under the stair storage in a modern home design

For example, leverage the staircase to store household items. Easy to find and hard to see!

2. Feature Functionality

Functionality can vary from family to family and definitely from room to room. The essence of modern home design means we can still use rooms as intended, yet, showcase clean lines and a sense of minimalism.

Kitchen in a modern home design in Connecticut

For example, a functional kitchen includes plenty of workspace to prepare family meals.

3. Tasteful Technology

Technology is part of our lives and homes. Retain the clean look and feel through streamlining technology such as utilizing wireless electronics, as applicable, or ensure TVs and computers fit within the room design.

Entertainment center with built in shelves in a modern style home.

For example, in this living room, the TV is inset snugly into the main wall.

4. Always Open

Open spaces are a major component of modern home design. For homes that were built with an open concept, then this piece of the design philosophy is baked into the original architecture. For other homes, then consider color, fabric or furniture choices that provide the appearance of open space.

Living room in a modern style home

Light colors, including curtains, help provide the feel of an open living room.

5. Provide Personality

Finally, what is a home without character? A major benefit of modern home design is the flexibility to add a touch of you! The foundation of your home remains simple and clean, so a pop of color will be a dynamic way to add character.

Living room in a modern style home with floor to ceiling windows

Make your living room pop with some select uses of colorful artwork.

What is your dream home?

Does your dream home have a wide open living space that combines the living and dining areas? Do you prefer neutral walls and a stylish art collection?

From stylish beach houses featuring natural light to suburban homes designed for a family of four, our team at Cardello Architects can help you design the home of your dreams. We proudly serve clients in the Westport, Darien, Greenwich, Stamford, Rowayton, New Canaan, CT areas.

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