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What’s “in” changes each year, especially when it comes to residential architecture in Florida. From a Tuscan style to modern contemporary designs, RAC is well versed in the ebb and flow of architectural trends. At Cardello Architects, we work diligently with our clients to bring their design plans to fruition. Let’s explore some of the latest Florida home design trends.

Open Concept Floor Plans

Traditionally, a room has four walls, but current trends are changing the floorplan of most residential architecture. Nowadays, rooms are more blended, without solid distinctions where one ends and the other begins. This eliminates barriers and creates an effect that makes your home look and feel more spacious. There are many ways to customize and arrange an open floor plan to suit your preference.

One very popular trend is to arrange furniture away from the walls, thereby using tables, chairs, and couches to determine the line where one room begins and another ends.   An open concept plan can have an overall theme.  Rather than shifting and changing color schemes from room to room, each room can flow organically with a cohesive color palette.

Kitchens as Focal Point

Gone are the days of small, hidden, isolated kitchens.   Kitchens have become the epicenter of the home. These spacious, well-designed rooms often flow into an adjacent, informal family room and are becoming a central location for family and friends to assemble.  A common goal is to allow the hosts to share space with their guests while preparing a meal.

Many Florida homeowners are taking luxury to the next level by choosing strongly veined marble for kitchen counters & islands and pairing it with subtle-grained woods.  Handless cabinets & pantry cupboards along with gold-finished sinks and faucets add to the indulgent style.  When designing an open kitchen, there are many innovative and on-trend looks as well as state-of-the-art appliances from which to choose.  Luxury architecture should be well complemented by fine interior design and furnishings.

Extended Living Space

Rooms are now also blending into outside living spaces. These spaces might include outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, comfortable seating, spas and dining areas.  Florida weather allows the homeowner to make full use of available space, inside and out.  Incorporating outdoor living spaces into your home design will enhance the utility and comfort of your home and allow you to entertain guests in style.

Flexible Rooms

Homes are incorporating more spaces that have less defined purposes. Trends in residential architecture include designing rooms that are more flexible and easier to repurpose without costly renovations. For instance, a mudroom could also serve as a dog washing area, pantry or laundry room without disrupting the overall theme and design of your home.   An office can be converted into a bedroom with resale in mind.

Large Windows

Not only will large windows add beauty to any room of your home as they capture the natural light and beautiful views, but they can help your home become more energy-efficient. These windows have a “low-e” glass coating, which has been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of light that is transmitted.  Low-E coatings will also help with the Florida heat.  Including large windows in your architectural design is a proven way to make your home feel larger.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are in!  Many homes in Florida have neutral tones on walls and floors to help highlight statement pieces throughout the house. These colors are timeless, so even if there is a change in the trends, you won’t have to change paint or flooring.

Bathrooms as Luxury Retreats

You may not think of your current bathroom as an area of luxury, but current trends are transforming this space into luxury retreat-like gems, right inside your home. Warmed floors, smart showers, natural stone, and white and cream-colored walls are often found in today’s baths. The Florida trend is to build an exquisite master bathroom that provides a rich, spacious, complex, multi-functional experience. Top trends include:

  • walk-in closets that are built off the bathroom for convenience and storage
  • separated sections where the toilet area is separate from the rest of the bathroom
  • A sit-down vanity area
  • Separate stand-alone tubs and oversized showers


Residential architecture trends are constantly changing. Some styles and designs last for decades and some come and go at the wave of a hand. Our team is dedicated to making your custom home design timeless. Be sure to check out our portfolio to see examples of our work. We are eager to bring our signature architectural brand and luxury home designs to communities in Florida.





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