Design Ideas For Your Dream Shingle House

Learn about Shingle House Design Ideas

Design Ideas For Your Dream Shingle House

The shingle house is one of the trademarks of New England architecture. This classic architectural design rose to popularity in the 19th century and remains particularly popular among the coastal communities. Why? Shingle style homes eloquently blend facets of many design styles that result in a unique and classic style.

What sets a shingle house apart?

The shingle house offers a classic feel with an informal setting, making the design great for country or beach homes. Shingle style homes often mix wood siding with other natural materials, such as stone. These houses tend to include welcoming verandas as well.

There are a few common traits of a shingle house.

First, they feature wood shingles that tie multiple sloped surfaces together into a cohesive design. Often times, the wood shingles are stained brown or gray – or allowed to weather, which yields a rustic feel.

Secondly, shingle style homes tend to share a steeply pitched roof. Shingle homes can also feature Gambrel roofs, which have two different pitches.

Finally, many shingle homes feature an informal feel. Although the style was originally designed for wealthy New Englanders, these homes often shy away from formality and respond well with their natural surroundings. Frequently, a shingle house contains a spacious porch or plenty of large windows, which enable homeowners and guests to engage and interact with outdoor living spaces. For example, many shingle beach homes feature gorgeous views of the nearby ocean.

At Cardello Architects, we embrace the shingle home design and have many shingle-style examples in our portfolio of newly constructed and renovated houses. RAC is particularly skilled at developing architectural character and dynamic curb appeal, inspired by the traditional shingle homes!

Traditional Shingle House Design Should Blend with its Surroundings

shingle house in westport, ct

Traditional shingle style home design features a natural exterior that respects the surrounding environment. In this example, the homeowners wanted to develop a beautiful country home with natural materials and dark colors to give the house a certain scale and proportion. The sweeping, low rooflines help to visually reduce the large scope of the house. The final result is a classic shingle-style exterior which connects well to the outdoor living spaces. Inside this home, the formal rooms evolve into the less-formal rooms creating a very comfortable environment.

The beauty of shingle home designs lies in the fact that the style plays well with others. For example, this Greenwich, CT home desired a strong shingle style feel without an overwhelming façade. Symmetry plays an important role in the design. The home includes a covered front entry, mixed with a balcony that offers a view of the property. Plus, the home showcases a large covered outdoor entertaining space and a covered porch delivers a strong connection to the surrounding land.

The dancing rooflines on this shingle style home in New Canaan, CT provide an immense amount of character. The home features natural stone chimneys, along with a terrace and base that accent the intricate detailing of the exterior. Naturally, the elegant rooflines mix well with the surrounding landscape.

Shingle Style Homes Offer Artistic Design

shingle house in new canaan

In addition to embracing the natural surroundings and elegant rooflines, shingle homes offer homeowners the ability to showcase some artistic design. For example, this growing family needed more space, so RAC designed a house that provided plenty of levels and rooms for the occupants to enjoy.   The roofline detail on both the front and rear elevation gives the house plenty of architectural character. And the use of symmetry in the main body of the home is pleasing to the eye.

shinge style stone house

An informal and welcoming feel is a stalwart of the shingle house. In particular, country homes feature shingle designs because homeowners can present a friendly and decorative façade. For example, this Darien, CT home combines multiple elements of Essex Green trim, natural stone, copper, and cedar shakes in a design that remains welcoming.

At Cardello Architects, we enjoy cultivating architectural designs that achieve the goals of our clients. From new home designs to renovations, our residential architecture services offer solutions to any design needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our team at Cardello Architects and how we can help you design your dream home, then contact us today.

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