Frequently Asked Questions About Robert A. Cardello Architects

Frequently Asked Questions About Robert A. Cardello Architects

What does an architect do?

As architects, we oversee all aspects of a project, whether we are building a new home or renovating an existing structure, to ensure everything goes smoothly and works optimally. An architect creates the concepts of elevations, plans, and three-dimensional representations. Architects analyze the site to place the house in a way that responds to the environmental elements while adhering to zoning restrictions. Most importantly, architects provide a custom-tailored experience for clients that goes above and beyond working directly with a contractor or construction company alone.

Why do I need an architect?

Architectural services are a wise and beneficial investment for both renovations and new construction. A well-conceived project is executed efficiently which ultimately increases your property value. Architects help their clients define their vision by making sure that from the initial design phases all the way through construction, their goals are maintained. RAC’s team of skilled architects ensure that the clients’ needs are being met through every step of the way.

Why should I choose RAC as my architecture firm?

Robert A. Cardello Architects is an award-winning architectural firm specializing in high-end residential architecture. This being said, we have completed projects from small renovations to multi-mullion dollar new construction homes. Our transparency and understanding of the clients’ involvement is fundamental to what we do and why we follow the process we’ve developed after over 20 years in this business. Those who have worked with us would agree that this process maintains accountability and client satisfaction while keep budget and schedule in check.

Can you work with clients in other regions?

We can work just about anywhere! While we are based in Fairfield County CT, we have completed projects as far away as California and Florida. We take advantage of all of the latest tools and technology available to us to complete projects that we can’t always be around to physically monitor. We regularly keep in touch with our clients through video conferencing, emails, and documentation which can easily be reviewed, edited, and returned.

Will you be able to design the style of building I want?

Your building’s design will depend on a variety of factors, including setting, building codes, climate, and more. We will work to bring your vision to life in as practical a way as possible.

What does creating a custom home entail?

The buildings’ design will be customized to conform with all local and state building codes. We carefully consider all aspects of a lot such as wetlands, natural light, views, privacy, yard space, and more! Each house we design is fully customized from top to bottom and never replicated in designs that follow. We have designed and built homes from shingle style-cottages to Georgian mansions. No project is too big, small, or unfamiliar to us. At RAC, we strive to make the journey a positive and rewarding experience for our clients to maintain high standards of service and home customization.

What is the structure of your architecture practice?

We are a small boutique architectural firm that operates in an open studio environment to foster community, creativity, and collaboration. We pride ourselves on starting each project with hand sketches where we can loosely explore ideas for plans with the client. From there, we detail construction documents that describe exactly what needs to be done in orderly to properly estimate building costs. Our sets are like a story book- starting with ‘big picture’ items before carefully talking through every detail with the builder and client. Each architect at RAC offers an array of skills and varied strengths, so collaborating on decisions and designs fosters an environment for unique ideas to come to life.

What advantages do you have over a larger architectural practice?

It is a common misconception that only large firms have the resources to tackle large projects. With our business model, you have all the experience and capability that you can get with a larger company, but you also get dedicated and personalized service. A smaller firm can offer personal levels of contact, which allows us to approach our projects thoughtfully and with heightened detail. Every member of our team has a well-rounded breadth of knowledge because they participate in all phases of design and construction. The ability for RAC’s staff to understand the client on a personal level allows us to pinpoint exactly what they need in the house. We make ourselves available to answer any questions or concerns in all phases of design decisions which allows us to stand out among our larger competitors.

What if our project is not located in Fairfield County? Why should we use you and not a local architect?

As technology advances, our world becomes smaller. We can complete projects from a distance due to excellent communication and cutting-edge technology. With the resources available to a remote architect firm, you can hold us higher standards and take advantage of our superior qualifications from anywhere. Additionally, the code that any project needs to adhere to – regardless of location – is ‘black and white’ with little to no room for misinterpretation. Learning to deal with numerous regulations in Fairfield County (flood zones, town restrictions, etc.) has prepared us for any number of ordinances that a projects’ location may set for us.

Do you have more questions for us?

Give us all a call to inquire about our process to get started on your project today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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