How Architects Collaborate With Interior and Landscape Designers

How Architects Collaborate With Interior and Landscape Designers

Every property owner wants to make the absolute most of the land available to them — especially when it comes to new building construction. Most of your excitement may be understandably centered on how exquisite the building’s exterior and structural design will be. But there are other professional fields that are equally as important: interior design and landscape design.

It’s easy to think a building’s structure is separate from the interior aesthetics and the outdoor environment. However, there are many benefits to working with Robert A. Cardello Architects, LLC because we understand how successful landscape and interior design intersect with architectural design to create functionality, sustainability, and beauty.

Architecture and the Landscape

No matter how difficult the landscape of a property may appear, there are always opportunities for architects and landscape architects to collaborate on functional design. Landscape architects analyze the location, type of trees and vegetation, slope of the land, and more to determine the most cost-effective way to utilize those features for irrigation, storm water control, thermal heating, and shading. Working with a landscape architect can also ensure nothing will be planted that is harmful or invasive to the native vegetation. Knowing of any potential risks the outdoor environment might pose to a building is also invaluable to architects in the planning stages.

Architecture and Interior Design


Most large-scale construction projects, whether they are additions or new construction, will require collaboration between interior designers and architects. Interior designers create the homeowner desired aesthetics — including cabinets, furniture, windows, and much more — but they must work within the parameters of the structure itself. That is why designing along with a building’s architect is a must. Architects also must consult with interior designers so elements like natural lighting and a logical flow of rooms are not overlooked. The more collaboration between these two fields, the less opportunity exists for setbacks. With the help of an interior designer, a house has the opportunity to be turned into a livable space that our client can call home.

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