5 Lasting Trends to Consider in Your Home Design Plans

lasting trends in home design plans

5 Lasting Trends to Consider in Your Home Design Plans

Style is personal, provides insight and opens your world and vision to others. During any home renovation project, your individual style should be incorporated into your home design plans.

At Cardello Architects, we enjoy working with homeowners to infuse their sense of style into their renovations or new home designs. For over 20 years, the team at Cardello Architects has been cultivating luxury home design plans and creating custom homes to fulfill our client’s dreams.

But how do we go about fulfilling your dreams?


With extensive experience as residential architects, we combine our strong creative spirit and comprehensive knowledge, along with an efficient process, to provide all of our clients with the perfect architectural design to meet your needs and suit your tastes.

We work together because we each have our own expertise. You are in expert in your style. We are an expert in architectural design. To help spur your creative side, here are some current trends that may be the right fit for your home.

Trends to Consider in Your Home Design Plans

Although trends will fade, integrating a new style into your home becomes a lasting design. Here are some current trends to consider for any potential changes.

1. Complicated Colors Meshed With Relaxed Minimalism

enjoy your minimalist style with this home design trend

There are classic colors that will always provide the foundation for any home. The new trend is integrating variations, like mint green or dusty blue, into your home to provide a new-age look and feel.

At the same time new color schemes are added, we want to ensure the rooms in our home are useful. Yes, gone are the sitting rooms that the kids are afraid to enter. As Max Humphrey, an interior designer, explains the trend to incorporate function and comfort into your home.

“Minimal rooms are boring and life is too short for karate chopped pillows. My clients want rooms they can actually live in.”

2. Incorporate Local Materials

From community produce and farm-to-table dining to homemade art and clothes, the trend to incorporate local products and materials is part of current trends in home design.

Why local?

Max Humphrey provides some insight into how to achieve this design trend.

“We designers have every resource under the sun available to us with the click of a mouse button, but my clients have been requesting putting their [money] back into the local economy, which for me means shopping at retail stores for furnishings in whatever town my client’s live in. I’ve done full remodels using all local stuff, including furniture, lighting, tile, hardware, and even lumber.”

In addition, local materials may also include the hardware store. Depending on your sense of style, plywood or reclaimed wood are useful for bookcases. Plus, canvas or repurposed fabric turn into great upholstery ideas.

3. Infuse Relaxation Space

home design plans call for relaxation

As we all seem to work harder, consider the trend to create a refuge in your home. Function and comfort are ultimately the underlying concept to enjoy your home, unwind and relax.

For some people, the relaxation trend means creating a digital device oasis. For example, carve out some private, more intimate spaces that serve as tech-free sanctuaries.

“An obvious place to unplug? The bedroom. Surround your sleeping space with canopies or lace curtains hung from a faux wooden beam…Pull a comfy chair into a corner for an instant reading nook, or hang a hammock inside and layer with soft blankets.”

If cozy canopies are not your style, then consider more tactile surfaces and materials that convey warmth. For example, natural cork is a low-maintenance materials that showcases a low-tech mindset.

4. Create Authentic & Personal Space

One size fits all is not a trend in home design. Along the lines of creating relaxation spaces and building a home based on function and comfort, incorporating personal space is now in vogue.


As the baby boomer generation gradually retires and downsizes, their homes must make use of all available space. There is a shift in underlying thinking to emphasize how homeowners actually live in their homes. Previously, designers thought about the space in generic terms, so this move towards individualism is a positive trend.

5. Embrace Nature

embrace the outside in your home design plans

Summer is a great time of year. Many of us enjoy nights on the patio, walks around the neighborhood and afternoons at the beach. There is no reason to give up spending time in nature as the seasons change with the new trend to embrace the outdoors. There are some simple ways to add Mother Nature into your home design plans.

“People want to stay outdoors longer and they’re looking for new ways to do just that as we approach the cooler months. Start by investing in a deep seating patio set and complement it with a fire pit or outdoor heater for warmth. This is also a good time to update your planters, rugs, and throw pillows by transitioning to warmer fall colors and textures. Another small detail that goes a long way is adding a fall wreath. All of this plays into the theme of creating that cozy, calm, inviting space and home to help combat our crazy-busy lives.”

Cardello Architects is a full service architecture firm and our residential services range from consultation and design development to bidding and construction administration.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and accountability and always strive to be the ally for you, our customer. If you’d like to learn more about Cardello Architects, then contact us to discuss your home design plans.

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