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Rowayton, CT

About This Project

Joining the minds of an architect and an artist results in out-of-the-box ideas and creative collaboration. Our client had become a very well-known sculpture artist later in her adult life. Her work is showcased around the world from the United States to as far as Vienna. Her sculptures are manufactured from marble and stone in her home studio which we converted from her detached garage/guest quarters. The original house was designed by an architect for personal use in the 1950’s in his own interpretation of mid-century modern. We re-developed the studio into a turn-of-the-century modern style structure to give the artist an inspired space to create her masterpieces. Some of the key technical features of the project include the mechanisms of harnesses and pulleys that allow her to move the large sculptures freely throughout the studio. This project also won RAC an A-List Award for Modern Architecture in 2011.

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