Rowayton Waterfront Renovation in Norwalk, CT 06853

  • a beautiful beachfront home in Rowayton

About This Project

Sitting out on a peninsula in the Belle Island section of Rowayton, CT, this is a well-recognized house with heaps of history. The original beach house, with lots of screen doors and rustic features, sat on a pile of rocks. The house had been manipulated over the years, but the new owners were eager to stabilize the home, as it is very exposed to Long Island Sound. It was a top to bottom renovation – all the infrastructure was removed (heating, cooling, electrical); the house was stripped and redone with new windows, doors, siding and trim. We added a slightly sweeping roof line and eyebrow dormers to enhance the views and give it more character. We wanted the exterior view to be as spectacular as the views from inside. Shortly after the renovation was finished, hurricane Irene came in, with three-foot waves rolling onto the face of the house. Fortunately, the house stood strong. A testament to the concrete plan developed by Robert A. Cardello Architects.

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Rowayton Connecticut