Tips for Having a Custom Home Built

Residential architecture sketch of a custom home

Tips for Having a Custom Home Built

What to Consider When Designing a Custom Home

It can be overwhelming spending countless hours on real estate websites, driving around to various properties, and searching for the perfect home that accommodates your needs and exceeds your expectations. If you can relate to this experience, it may be time to consider another option: a custom house.

From the team of residential architects at Cardello Architects, here are a few tips to keep in mind when building your dream home that will last for generations: 



Most homeowners get excited about the home-building process, and understandably so. This is your dream home, after all. However, without setting a budget before shopping, sometimes you may have to make disappointing compromises. Determining the budget before designing is the most important step, as it reveals what you feel comfortable spending.

Deliberate budgeting allows you to set realistic expectations and goals while letting your architect know exactly what they have to work with.


When it comes to developing your custom home, location is paramount. There are a large variety of items to consider, but we recommend you ask yourself these questions to gauge the best location for your custom home, based on your family’s lifestyle:

  • Does the area have a good school district for your children?
  • Is the neighborhood safe?
  • How far would home be from work?
  • Do I want to live near a city, by the water, close to stores and restaurants, or more detached from cities in a rural area?


House Layout

Once you have established the budget and have a location or property in mind, designing the layout is perhaps the most exciting part of planning a customized home. Thinking about the floor plan strategically will help so that no space is wasted. When figuring out the design with your architect, here are some factors to consider:

  • Location of the bathrooms and kitchen
  • The dimensions and purpose of each room
  • The size of the garage
  • The direction of the sun (e.g., where the sun will shine through the windows)
  • What special elements will make your house a home



You know what they say — “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Building a custom home requires time, planning, and commitment. It can be exhausting making so many decisions, contacting people, waiting, etc., but it is so worth it in the end when you can create memories with your family and friends in the comfort of the house of your dreams. 

Ready to Build The House of Your Dreams?

Cardello Architects is a high-end residential architectural firm that has been providing bespoke designs to fulfill their clients’ dreams from coast to coast for over 20 years. Our team will ensure you get the luxurious custom home that you deserve. Start planning today by giving us a call at (203) 853-2524.

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