Working With an Architect Who Is Out Of State

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Working With an Architect Who Is Out Of State

Are you looking for a residential architecture firm?  Perhaps you’ve seen photos of appealing houses online, but the Architect is not in the same state as your project. Well, it is not unrealistic to work with an architect who is out of state, especially if you feel they can to help bring your home design dreams to life.

While the majority of architecture firms may complete work in their community, working outside of their community and state has become more commonplace. Homeowners want to find an architecture firm to create their unique custom home designs; a company that listens carefully, shares the same values, and has the skills needed to develop the plans. Finding a company to work with is mostly about who you “click” with, rather than the location where the work is taking place.

Some customers may wonder how they will be able to communicate effectively with their architect. Luckily, we live in a digital age where technology has changed the way architects can conduct business. During the 2020 pandemic, most client meetings were held remotely, even if the project was local. Fortunately, architects can maximize the reach of their services through advanced communication technology. When you find an architect you want to work with, there are a variety of ways to navigate each step of the project.

The architect firm you choose should understand and take advantage of all of the resources available including:

  • Zoom calls, FaceTime, and other video conferencing options to continue strong communication and replace face-to-face in-person meetings.
  • Detailed documentation of all meetings to be sure everyone is “on the same page.”
  • Emails that are well-crafted, containing the information needed.
  • Documents that are sent in PDF formatting that can be edited quickly and returned.
  • Other apps that illustrate designs and can be marked up.

One thing to be careful of is to be sure your chosen architect takes the time to learn about your location and the municipalities that govern it.  Navigating through the zoning process is one of the many services that your architect can help with. They know the language, but they must learn and follow your town’s specific guidelines.

So go ahead, shop outside the box. Talk to an architect that truly interests you, even if they are miles away.

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